View Full Version : Hopeful New Owner of GTR

08-23-2018, 05:40 AM

I am attempting to get closer to being a new first time owner of an Ultima GTR. Currently I am looking to the US community for any experience with importing a fully running GTR from Europe into the US. Determining whether I can actually legally import the car will determine whether I purchase the car.

Thank you much!

09-14-2018, 10:01 AM
To get a fully assembled one into the States might be more difficult then getting a seating with the Pope.
One of the benefits of being a home builder is there are limited Federal and State requirements to restrict us.

I believe a fully assembled car would need to have all federal safety devices, federal emission control etc.

In NY, as a home builder you are exempt from needing to have ABS, Traction control, airbags, Etc...

Plus building is half the challenge, you become intimate with the car, no every nuance,(year this just took a strange turn)

If your in the area of Long Island any time you are more then welcome to come down and test fit the car.