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    by Published on 11-02-2015 07:30 PM

    Welcome to the new Ultima Club USA.
    This is a site dedicated to the owners and enthusiasts for Ultima GTR, Can Am and the all new Evolution model.
    We encourage open discussion about builds, modifications and all topics related.

    Although the site is named Ultima Club USA it is open to all owners, builders and enthusiasts.

    We are still in the beginning phases of this forum, any suggestions will be replied to.
    by Published on 11-05-2017 12:26 PM

    The car was first seen in the "Kitcars and Specials" magazine.

    by Published on 11-05-2017 12:34 PM


    Ted Marlow purchases the rights, jigs and moulds for the Ultima Mk2 and Ultima Mk3 from Noble Motorsport Ltd.
    Total Ultima sales to date under the ownership of Lee Noble between 1983 and 1992 is 26 including a total of 13 Mk3 kits.
    This is the end of any involvement in the future development of the Ultima by Lee Noble.
    Ultima Sports Ltd was formed by Ted and Richard Marlow based in premises at Long Itchington, Warwickshire.
    The company goal was to produce a complete affordable supercar to be supplied in component form to an exceptional quality utilising all new purpose designed components for home assembly and that it would primarily be a road car. No donor parts from breakers yards were to be used again.
    Not only would be the Ultima be capable of being faster than any other road car available, but the design would now allow a relatively construction that would enable customers with no previous experience to build their own supercar at a fraction of the cost of any others.

    A major feature was to emulate the format and hence ease of build adopted by radio control model car manufacturers.
    Ted Marlow's Ultima Mk3 was initially used as a demonstrator and as a development car.

    New chassis jig made to incorporate the fitting of the Chevrolet engine, Porsche transaxle, twin fuel tanks, steering system, cooling system, pedals, gear change, suspension, seats and body fixings.
    Picture of the base of jig.

    All major components were designed from scratch to suit a small block Chevrolet and Porsche transaxle in order to productionise the car.

    The new company introduced a revised design to make the Ultima more road orientated and civilised including a five speed Porsche G50 transaxle, an air conditioning option, improved headlights, luggage compartments, gas ram assisted doors, weather seals, lockable doors, handbrake, adjustable suspension, improved ride quality, provision in loom for CD player etc., wiper system, fog lights and trim options.
    For a full list of design changes see Ultima History addendum 1.
    Due to all the fundamental changes and improvements over the Ultima Mk3 a new model designated the Ultima Sports is launched.

    The order book of Ultima Sports Ltd is officially opened.


    Ultima Sports Ltd relocates to new premises in Hinckley, Leicestershire to support increase in demand.
    Left hand drive Ultima Sports is now developed and announced for worldwide export.
    For the work required to convert a finished Ultima from LHD to RHD or visa versa see
    Ultima History addendum 5.
    First Ultima sale to the USA.

    Work starts on the Ultima Spyder. Only one prototype race Spyder had been produced by Noble Motorsport Ltd and a great deal of re-design had to be incorporated before it would be ready to launch. The same level of development required for the Ultima Sports went into the Spyder. The different shape dictated a novel door opening design, with new tonneau, rear bulkhead, wind deflector and roll bar.
    For a full list of design changes see
    Ultima History addendum 2.

    Ultima Spyder initially launched as a budget build utilising Rover 3.5-litre Rover V8 power and a Renault UN1 transaxle.

    The Ultima is tested in the wind tunnel at MIRA to aid future development of the marque.

    Integral rear wing designed for the Ultima Sports and Ultima Spyder.

    The Ultima Spyder was then tested in the wind tunnel.

    Wind deflector working.

    First customer turnkey car supplied.


    Small block Chevrolet 350 cu ins (5.7-litre) V8 engine installed in Ultima Spyder due to customer demand instead of the Rover 3.5litre V8.


    Ultima Sports bodywork produced in carbon fibre as a one off design exercise. The high cost of this form of construction did not warrant the carbon body option to be supplied in the kit so this project was abandoned.


    Jonathon Palmer, ex F1 driver and chief test driver for the McLaren F1, purchases an Ultima Sports for his own use.


    Number of Ultimas sold by Ultima Sports Ltd reaches 150.


    Ultima Sports Ltd moves to new larger custom built premises across the road from the old factory unit in Hinckley, Leicestershire.
    by Published on 11-05-2017 12:40 PM


    Work starts on designing and building a new model to replace the Ultima Sports, designated the Ultima GTR. The design changes focused on increasing the aerodynamic down force, enhancing the engineering integrity, complying with the latest regulations and improving the ease of build for home assembly over that of the Ultima Sports.
    The Ultima GTR was to be a much more refined car, with a greater performance potential than the Ultima Sports it was to replace.
    The bodywork was designed in house to full scale. Many lines were tried before the final shape was established.
    For full list of design changes see Ultima History addendum 3.

    Too sharp

    Too smooth

    Still too smooth

    Getting there


    Front progressing

    Front improved

    Two steps back

    Doors reshaped

    Perfect rear

    Rear ready

    Front ready


    Ultima starts building its own wheels.

    An Ultima Sports wins the modern category of the Targa Tasmania race. This race is regarded as the toughest tarmac road rally in the world covering over 2000kms in six days.

    Ultima GTR launched at the Stafford show.

    During development the Ultima GTR was tested at the Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) using their extensive testing facilities.

    Due to the impressive figures recorded at MIRA by the Ultima GTR it was shown on their stand at the NEC Autosports Show as a demonstration of their testing facilities.

    New high quality body panel design launched in polished GRP with a flawless finish that does not require painting that is unique in the automotive world.

    American Speed Enterprises based in Moline, Illinois, USA becomes the recommended engine supplier for Ultima.


    An Ultima GTR was built with carbon fibre bodywork for evaluation purposes. This form of construction was again not commercially viable due to the exceptional quality of the standard gel coat bodywork not requiring a heavy paint system that saves weight and cost.

    by Published on 11-05-2017 12:47 PM


    Work starts on designing and building a new model to replace the Ultima Spyder, designated the Ultima Can-Am. The design changes were undertaken with a view to increasing the aerodynamic down force, enhancing the engineering integrity, complying with the latest regulations and improving the ease of build for home assembly over that of the Ultima Spyder.
    The Ultima Can-Am was to be a much more refined car with a greater performance potential than the Ultima Spyder that it replaced.
    A key feature was the development of a system for quickly changing from the wind deflector to a full glass windscreen. The full screen option would make it possible to later design and fit a soft-top option.
    For full list of design changes see Ultima History addendum 4.

    Rear section

    Increased opening

    New deflector

    Vertical opening

    Nearly there

    Rear finalised

    Wing positioned

    Integral dash

    Moulds completed


    Richard Marlow test drives an Ultima GTR across the USA.
    Ultima Can-Am launched with new left hand drive and right hand drive versions first shown at the Stoneleigh show.

    Ultima Can-Am has the full laminated glass windscreen option fitted for street legality in the USA


    Ultima Can-Am soft-top is designed and launched.


    Total Ultima sales reach over 400.


    Ultima Sports Ltd demolishes the 0-100-0mph world record with a standard production specification 640bhp Ultima GTR. Driven by Richard Marlow, it creates a huge media frenzy and a worldwide stir in the automotive world.

    The new 0-100-0mph world record included the setting of new road car world speed records for accelerating from 0-60mph and 0-100mph.


    Ultima GTR640 launched and several world records established. Officially verified as the world’s fastest supercar.

    World speed road car records smashed include 0-60mph, 0-100mph, 0-150mph, 30-70mph, 0-100mph-0, 100mph-0 braking, skidpad lateral g cornering and terminal speed achieved on Bruntingthorpe airfield.

    Ultima GTR640 appears at the MPH Motor Show in the live arena as a main attraction and performs an indoor acceleration record during which all world speed records are endorsed by Top Gear TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson who deems the Ultima GTR640 "An amazing car that holds virtually every road car world speed record in existence".

    Ultima Sports Ltd has achieved its goal and even surpassed some of its original expectations.


    Ultima GTR720 launch.

    Richard Marlow sets a 0-100mph-0 world record for the third year in succession in the new Ultima GTR720 demonstrator, setting a catalogue of new road car acceleration world speed records in the process.

    Richard Marlow sets a new standing quarter mile production car record in the Ultima GTR720 demonstrator.


    New Chevrolet LS Ultima engine range designed and introduced, including the Chevrolet LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 engine options from 345bhp-800bhp. These comply with the latest worldwide emission regulations.

    New LED rear light package introduced.

    Ultima GTR720 demonstrator smashes Top Gear TV Lap Record by almost 5 seconds creating a huge worldwide stir.

    McLaren Automotive approaches Ultima Sports Ltd to discuss and purchase a new Ultima GTR. This will be used as a development test vehicle for its new secret project focusing on McLaren Automotive launching a new range of supercars.


    Nurburgring outright road car lap record attempted in the Ultima GTR720 demonstrator. This creates a huge avalanche of media attention whilst at the Ring as news of the lap record attempt is leaked out to the press and spread across the worldwide web.
    Unfortunately, the attempt is abandoned due to a torrential downpour on the day that the track was exclusively hired. Declared by pro 'Ring driver Tom Coronel during public testing on the Nurburgring as "The most powerful and by far the fastest road car I have ever driven. It's an absolute missile and a huge buzz to drive! The great balance, power and sensational braking make this car staggeringly fast around the track. The guys at Ultima Sports have a product which is a very special machine indeed, and I'm confident that I can set a new outright Nurburgring lap record time in the Ultima GTR720."

    New additional quieter silencer box option designed and developed to comply with the latest stringent track day noise limits.


    Ultima GTR720 demonstrator obliterates Michael Schumacher's £1million Ferrari FXX Top Gear track lap time, which creates a deluge of attention as the video evidence spreads across the worldwide web.

    Sales continue strongly with Ultima Sports Ltd going from strength to strength despite the worldwide recession.


    This year saw the development of various components to enable the latest Porsche 996 & 997 series manual transaxles to be used in the Ultima as well as several upgrades to existing components that were also designed and tested.

    LS Engine to 996-transaxle adaptor plate system.
    LS Engine to 997-transaxle adaptor plate system.
    LS Engine to 996-transaxle flywheel.
    LS Engine to 997-transaxle flywheel.

    LS Engine to 996-transaxle cable bracketry.
    LS Engine to 997-transaxle cable bracketry.
    LS Engine to 996-transaxle mountings.
    LS Engine to 997-transaxle mountings.
    Up-rated clutch sourced and tested for 996-transaxle.
    Up-rated clutch sourced and tested for 997-transaxle.
    Side screen conformity marking introduced.
    Tether system designed for fuel caps.

    6 off new rear light mounting moulds designed and manufactured to accept the LED style rear lights.
    Redesign LS Engine Exhaust system to accept bolt in cats with flanges rather than weld in versions.
    Redesign LS Engine exhaust system to fit the LS3 heads that are marginally different in angle to LS7 heads.
    New Pirelli tyres sourced and tested.
    New up-rated dampers designed, sourced and tested.

    New chassis VIN plate designed.
    Brake lines redesigned in poly-coated stainless steel.

    Design and test LS Engine fuel surge tank system.

    Larger capacity battery option introduced for LS Engines.
    New bracket designed for large battery.

    New clear indicator side repeaters sourced and tested.

    New gel coat colour option in Kawasaki Green introduced after weather testing.

    Build manual CD additions.
    New drawings introduced for LS engines fitment.
    Further development to the LS Engine wiring loom in conjunction with American Speed.
    Quieter LS engine fuel pump sourced and tested.
    Lower friction custom made front bottom ball joints sourced.

    by Published on 11-05-2017 12:53 PM

    Ultima Sports Ltd continues to flourish, the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am are attracting interest in new emerging worldwide markets including Russia, China, Brazil and the Middle East to name a few, resulting in increased demand.

    We were approached by The Microsoft Corporation and this resulted in the Ultima being included in the world renowned Forza 4 Motorsport computer game, which has helped to gain huge worldwide recognition for our brand.

    The Australian road registration rules regarding the Ultima are finalised, resulting in a new growing market for our products aligned with some recommended Australian point of contacts for our customers.


    The 1/12th scale Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am model RC cars are developed and launched.

    Ultima baseball caps designed and offered along with the Ultima model cars in a new merchandising section of our website.

    Air con face vent kit introduced.

    New style high flow quieter 3rd exhaust silencer option is developed. It has been developed to fit the full transaxle range used on an Ultima i.e. the G50 type, 996 and 997 transaxles in conjunction with the LS or SBC engines unlike our previous version that fitted G50 applications only. This additional silencer has been a belt and braces approach to satisfy even the most stringent noise test regulations in all countries.

    New clear front indicator option introduced.

    LS Engine PCV Oil Breather System option introduced.

    Sales surge in Germany for the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am.

    30th year Ultima celebration (1983-2013) takes place with the first Ultima ever produced. Lee Noble is reunited with the first ever Ultima produced during this event. Notably not one single component is the same on a modern day Ultima GTR or Ultima Can-Am as on this old model which demonstrates the vast scale of development undertaken by Ultima Sports Ltd in the pursuit of excellence.


    Ultima Sports Ltd engages in social media for the first time with the launch of Facebook and Twitter pages which have proved to be extremely successful and a superb resource.



    An extended pedal box option is introduced for the GTR and Can-Am which opens up the Ultima to drivers up to 6ft 10” tall.

    New lightweight aluminium radiator option is introduced.


    The Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am chassis is improved substantially with a redesign and update in 2013, resulting in a chassis with improved torsional rigidity and occupant safety to market leading standards.
    Richard and Ted Marlow commented:
    "The updated chassis is part of our continual development process to keep the Ultima at the forefront of our market. The old chassis is still absolutely sound in all areas as we have already proved with record breaking performance figures but we have now significantly improved the torsional rigidity and safety to take the Ultima to a new level.
    The new GTR chassis features a larger diameter fully welded roll cage as standard rather than the bolt on rearward braced version and the rear bulkhead is fabricated in aluminium instead of GRP.

    Also incorporated is the introduction of new twin luggage containers designed as structural members that will increase cockpit rigidity. Keen Ultima observers and owners will be able to spot the numerous differences compared to the old chassis.

    We have tested the torsional rigidity of the new design extensively on our rig here at the Ultima factory and we are totally confident that this new chassis design is at the very forefront of our market segment.
    The new chassis brings the weight of a complete Ultima GTR fitted with the LS7 engine and air con, leather interior, wing etc to just 919kg, giving a market leading power to weight ratio.
    The changes will not be available as a retrofit item to the old style chassis but all customers with currently pending new chassis orders will receive this new design of chassis."

    by Published on 11-05-2017 12:55 PM


    Work commences full time behind the scenes in January 2014 to produce a new updated model to replace the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am.
    The project brief is to produce a vastly improved and modernised supercar, with even greater levels of fit, finish, quality, safety, driver comfort, usability, practicality, handling finesse and performance.


    Ultima Sports Ltd launches the new updated model. The new Ultima Evolution will be available in both Coupe and Convertible form. These models replace the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am, which are both now discontinued (although parts and spares remain available).

    Just some of the improvements include::
    Improved quality of gel coat finish to the bodywork with a major rework and overhaul of the body moulds to an unrivalled new market leading standard
    New specification of gel coat introduced utilising the latest advances in gel coat pigment technology
    Nine new gel coat bodywork colour options added to the Ultima range
    LED front triple headlight system with custom machined anodised aluminium Ultima bezels
    LED daytime front running lights for increased safety and visibility
    LED side indicator repeaters
    Lightweight forged alloy one-piece wheels with the Ultima Evolution logo for increased performance
    Longer front wishbone design option
    Carbon fibre style front headlight clusters
    Carbon fibre front splitter
    New steering wheel system with wireless integrated button controls instead of rocker switches
    Flat bottom steering wheel option for easier driver entry/exit
    New quick shift machined alloy billet central cable operated gear shifter
    Carbon fibre style central gear change/handbrake cockpit console
    New billet dashboard switch gear
    New billet interior door handles
    New style engine start button
    Stainless steel handbrake lever
    New style dashboard face level air conditioning vents for improved cockpit cooling
    New dashboard warning lights system
    Ultima instruments colour coded to the wheels with the Ultima Evolution logo
    Roll cage fully leather trimmed with colour coded stitching
    New perforated leather for the seats with alcantara inserts, colour coded stitching and the Ultima Evolution logo with a colour coded piping option
    New floor carpet option with colour coded piping option
    Seatbelt Ultima specific shoulder pads
    Rear parking sensors integrated into the rear canopy with a cockpit mounted proximity sensor
    Rear view reversing camera mounted into the rear grill
    Satnav system
    iPod connectivity
    Bluetooth hands free phone system
    Alpine car stereo and speaker system
    Improved and updated Ultima wiring loom
    Carbon fibre style front brake vents
    Carbon fibre wing mirrors with revised positioning for improved rear visibility
    Zircotec ceramic exhaust coating for improved cooling
    Completely upgraded and redesigned fuel system option delivering greater fuel flow to cope with very high engine power levels of 725bhp through to 1200bhp
    New design fuel tanks incorporating anti surge internal ball valves
    Stack steering wheel integrated digital data logging display option, F1 style
    New body grills of hexagonal design enabling greater airflow and improved cooling
    New style Ultima Evolution chassis VIN plates
    Twin front-mounted Ultima charge cooler system developed for supercharged V8 LS Chevrolet V8 engine installations
    Twin filter engine air intake system developed for the supercharged V8 LS 1020bhp engine installation
    Substantially improved chassis design for all Ultima Evolution models which vastly improves the performance, road manners, road holding and safety whilst boasting a market leading torsional rigidity. First introduced in 2013 as a first stepping stone towards the new Ultima Evolution model
    New style windscreen and side screen sun visor arrangement
    New improved brake reservoir arrangement
    Improved rear visibility with a different rear carbon fibre wing design and altered electric rear view mirror mounting position
    New radiator cooling fans with vastly improved flow rate and new front mounted radiator fan positioning enabling larger output fans to be fitted
    New Ultima Evolution bodywork, wheel, steering wheel and engine rocker cover logo badges
    Custom made Ultima Evolution embossed leather luggage bag set which are designed to fit inside the sealed Ultima side luggage compartments for overnight road touring across different countries
    Heated front windscreen option for rapid demisting in cold, wet, frosty and humid road conditions
    Braid wheels is now the official OE wheel supplier to Ultima and standard fitment to the Ultima Evolution and the factory offer their full range of cast and forged wheels at unbeatable prices
    New stainless steel exhaust system option
    New machined exhaust tailpipe trim rings for the rear grill


    Sales are extremely buoyant for the new Ultima EVO Coupe and Convertible model around the globe.

    Ultima sales have now reached over 65 different countries.
    Development continues with new updates including front geometry revisions involving longer front wishbones, quicker ratio steering rack, new steering arms and a new forged 19” wheels option.
    Hard top retractable roof option released for the EVO Convertible model.

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