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  • World Records and the McLaren connection

    by Published on 11-05-2017 01:14 PM

    Ultima's World Records

    Ultima Sports Ltd successfully set a catalogue of world speed records for production road cars to demonstrate beyond any doubt the world beating performance envelope that the Ultima possesses. All world speed and lap records were set in a standard production specification Ultima GTR road car and were all independently overseen and timed in strictly controlled conditions by Datron Technology - official world speed record timekeepers.
    The Ultima GTR was driven to and from the test venue on the public roads each time a world speed record was achieved, in the spirit that Ultima Sports Ltd believe all production road car world speed records should be conducted.

    Performance figures achieved during these world speed records

    0-60mph: 2.6secs
    0-100mph: 5.3secs
    0-150mph: 10.4secs
    30-70mph: 1.8secs
    0-100mph-0: 9.4secs
    Standing Quarter Mile: 9.9secs @ 143mph
    100mph-0: 3.4secs
    Skidpad 200ft dia: 1.176g
    Fastest ever road going supercar around the top gear track:
    road tyres: 1min 12.8secs
    slick tyres: 1min 9.9secs

    Triple 0-100-0 Record Holders

    Ultima's First World Record

    Driven by Ultima Director, Richard Marlow, the factory built Ultima GTR set a new world record time of 10.3 seconds to achieve 0-100mph-0 smashing the previous record by half a second.

    Ultima's Second World Record

    The Ultima Factory proved beyond any doubt that the Ultima GTR is the fastest accelerating and decelerating road car on the planet by setting a new world record time of 9.8 seconds for the 0-100mph-0 sprint.

    Ultima's Third World Record

    The Ultima Factory have, for the third consecutive year, smashed the world record for sprinting to 100mph and back to zero again in the all conquering, multiple world record holding 200mph Ultima GTR supercar.

    Skidpan and Quarter Mile Records

    World Beating Skidpan

    The Ultima GTR achieved a world road car record for lateral grip around a 200ft diameter circle.

    Standing Quarter Mile

    The Ultima GTR recorded a blistering time and terminal speed at Santa Pod Raceway.

    Top Gear Track Lap Records

    First Top Gear Lap Record

    British supercar manufacturers Ultima Sports Ltd celebrated their 15th year anniversary in style by obliterating the road car lap record on the track, which is used by Top Gear to record their lap times, by over four and a half seconds in their standard production Ultima GTR720 road car.

    by Published on 11-05-2017 01:00 PM


    The TAG McLaren Group purchases two Ultima Mk3 kits from Noble Motorsport Ltd.
    McLaren was attracted to the Ultima by the excellent engineering, outright speed, lap times and the racing prowess of the Ultima Mk2/3. The two cars were used as prototypes during the development of the world’s most expensive and prestigious road car - the McLaren F1. The fact that the Ultima was well under the design weight of the proposed F1 and proportionally very similar were also factors in the decision.
    Noble Motorsport Ltd supplied chassis number 12 and 13, which were the last of the thirteen Ultima Mk3 cars that the company sold. Chassis number 12, christened Albert by the McLaren Group, was used to test the new gearbox using a Chevrolet V8 engine to mimic the torque of the BMW V12. It was also used to test various other features, such as the central driving position and carbon brakes. Chassis number 13, which went under the name of Edward, was used to test the BMW designed V12 engine along with all its ancillaries such as the exhaust and cooling system. Both bodies were heavily modified to suit the many components under test.
    Albert and Edward were so useful during the development of the F1 that they became known as the heavenly twins and even merited having their own badge design.

    Albert and Edward were crucial to the development of the F1 and these two McLaren prototypes were later destroyed as the specialist magazines were still offering a fortune for sneak preview pictures.


    McLaren continues its successful business relationship with Ultima by purchasing an Ultima GTR from Ultima Sports Ltd to utilise in the development of its upcoming new range of McLaren supercars.

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