Hello everyone!
My name is Sean and I'm from the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. I'm 31 years old and a lifelong gear head. I've always had the car bug since a very young age. When I was in high school my goal was to design/build cars someday. After graduating and starting my mechanical engineering degree, I realized very quickly that I had the technical know how, but not them math and CAD skills to continue with engineering. I made the switch to Industrial Management and was the project manager for our SAE Baja and Formula SAE cars. After graduation I got my first job in an Aerospace machine shop. Fast forward to today and I am now at a place in my career/life where I can start the budgeting and planning process to build one of these beautiful cars. In addition to my full time job, I'm a co owner of a Titanium Exhaust company Titanium Dynamics. If you are looking for any lightweight exhaust components, please let me know.

I've seen some good video's on YouTube from DriveDriverDriven around the build process of his Ultima Evolution. I hope to learn more over the next few months and eventually put a deposit down on one of these awesome vehicles. If you are in the MKE area this summer or up at Road America, feel free to drop me a line.