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Thread: Potential Builder Looking For Info

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    Potential Builder Looking For Info

    Very interested in the Ultima Evo and have been doing quite a bit of research online. I've read a lot of UK forums and there's quite a bit out there on the GTR, but not as much on the newer Evolution. I have some questions that i'm hoping some of you more experienced builders can help me out with:

    General ease of build: I consider myself a handy guy but i'm not that experienced in heavy mechanical work. I've owned sports and done all kinds of bolt ons, exhaust, etc. for HP increases, just never any major engine work. That being said, how easy is this car to build with the factory materials and instructions provided?

    Price:I see all kinds of references to this being a $50-60k car online on forums. But I've gotten pricing from Ultima and when paired with a gearbox and higher HP engine, this is every bit of a $100k car. Just want to make sure i'm not missing something and i'm sure pricing has changed quite a bit from older GTR models.

    Engine:Factory recommends Amerspeed in IL for their engines. Do most of you guys go this route? I've read a lot that the newer LS engines are the way to go but i must say there was a little shell shock when i got the price list from them. How much of their engines has to do with them being built to an Ultima spec for fitting in the car properly? Any recommendations on HP options and how that effects the driveability of this car?

    Overall Driveability: My intent for this car would not be to drive it daily. Just for recreational performance driving, a track event her and there, and maybe some travel with the wife (if luggage will fit). How does this car drive as far as noise, comfort, etc? I've seen videos of guys touring Europe where they're popping the doors up in traffic due to the extreme heat. Is this because older models didn't have AC option and windows don't open? How is an EVO with AC? On the subject of windows, they don't open as far as i can see. Are there any options out there to mod them to do so? I also remember from past track events in my ZO6, the windows had to be down to participate. Is this an issue with these cars or not because they're not actually glass i don't think. How is the noise in the car? I've read a lot of recommendations to do as much insulating as possible.

    Ordering stages: I have the spreadsheet parts list and options lists from the factory. I can't seem to find anything that gives recommendations on grouping the parts for the proper progression of the build. Any expertise here would be appreciated. Richard did email that there is free shipping for orders of $41K so everyone in the US at least does that.

    General: Does the car have power steering? I can't find anything saying it does on the newer model. I've seen threads with guys talking about upgrading.

    I know this has been a lot of questions but I guess this is what this forum is for. I'm hoping you experienced guys can help me out. Thanks

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    Re: Potential Builder Looking For Info

    Hi Brandon,
    You are looking at about 100k for a fully optioned Evolution.
    I went with a GM performance crate LS7 and a G50/50.
    Car has AC no PS but some guys have added it, I tried but decided to leave it alone as there is no real weight over the front wheel.
    Windows, I made mine removable.
    Noise while driving is not too bad as exhaust is all behind you.
    Make sure your State allows the car to be registered. Call local DMV first. I had a small issue of no front bumpers that I had to make a fix for.
    2014 Ultima GTR, LS7, Albins ST6-M, Sat nav, Motec ECU, PDM, Keypad, Ride height control,

    2009 Factory Five Cobra, 427w, Stack fuel injection, TKO600


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