FOR SALE G50-50/2

Available for sale is a G50-50/2 short tail (1989 Turbo box) Transaxle was modified by California
Motor Sport (receipt on request) Complete tear down and rebuild
New Syncro’s Billet side covers,
Billet shift forks 1-2 and 3-4 Wavetrac locking diff Internal spray bar
My cost over 13k.
Also included in the package
KEP adaptor late to mount to LS7 (one stud needs rethreading)
Kep stage 2 240mm disc and pressure plate with throw out bearing (About 750 miles of use)
Release fork with all associated hardware,
MPL clutch slave cylinder (reduces pedal effort by 30% according to manufacture) Rear mounted cable
shift adaptor
Billet shifter from California Motor sports Aluminum shift stand (to raise shifter if you want)
Shift cables, (these fit my car, you may or may not be able to use them) Rear trans mount (supplied
from Ultima UK)
High torque starter
Axles (supplied from Ultima UK)
Trans pump for spray bar and filter for pump.
If I find anything else on the shelf that could be used it will be shipped to you, I think I have a
spare slave cylinder, pilot bearing and clutch alignment tool floating around
There is no mounting bolts for adaptor plate to engine, I had to use to mount new transaxle. Should
be readily available from any autoparts or from Kennedy Engineerinhg.
Asking price for all above is 11k plus shipping. It would cost you more than 17k to order all this

I will deliver up to 200 miles from my location, Long Beach, NY

trans complete.jpg trans unit.jpg trans ID.jpg