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11-06-2015, 02:34 PM
I'll explain how I was able to convert the standard rod shift to Paddle shift for the G50/52 tansaxle.

First is contact MasterShift (http://www.supercarsllc.com/newmastershift/).
They provided a very nice control box, harness, clutch solenoid, clutch pedal angle sensor and I requested a bump shifter.

There are some modification that need to be done to the control box to get it to fit behind driver seat. Sorry MasterShift.
The control box measures 10 x 10 x 4 inches, as we all know there is not 10 inches behind the seat.

I removed the printed circuit board from inside the control box, cut the wires and made plugs and used a standard enclosure to house printed circuit board. Caution-- label wires before snipping as some are the same color.

I then proceeded to cut and modify the shape of the control box from a rectangle to an L shape box.

Next the fun cut, you need to cut the firewall all the way thru in order to get everything to fit. Box is slightly off center of seat tracks because of the reinforcement bar behind the wall. It will slide all the way thru and not interfere with any fuel, oil or wires.


After this it is relatively straight forward install.
Measure for cables.
I used a bracket from Cable-shift (http://www.cableshift.com/G50/g50-S%20page.html)
Paddles are supplied either from Mastershift (http://www.supercarsllc.com/newmastershift/)directly or I went the route of using an Aim GT320 steering wheel with a quick disconnect

Ill post a video of the shift operation in a week or so.

03-11-2016, 08:58 AM
Finally have the paddle shift working properly.
I made an enclosure for the PC board.

Had an issue with feedback from directional control unit that was reeking havoc with signals to shifter. no cured.

Video to come shortly.