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Thread: Dan's Can Am Evo

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    Dan's Can Am Evo

    Hi Guys

    A picture of my Can Am, still quite a bit to do but hoping to be on the road soon


    And the LS3 is in nice bit of kit from American speed.

    577bhp LS3

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    HI Danny, welcome to the family.
    I'm a bit envious, if I had just waited 3 more months mine would have been an Evo

    Your build is looking great, Nothing like LS horse power and torque.
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    Thanks Bob hope to meet up soon in Florida for a chat.

    Yes love the LS power, I had a LS2 in a Pontiac GTO as you know it, I know it as a Holden Monaro awesome car whatever it is.
    577bhp LS3


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